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Lakedale Road Areas

The cage, 1820. Was situated at the junction of Lakedale Road and High Street in early Victorian times.

Above and below: Schools, Lakedale Road, late Victorian era c.1877. Photo:Alan Gibbs
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Front view of Mission Hall, 1880. Photo: Alan Gibbs
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Bradshaw's Greengrocer, Lakedale Road, very early years. (Click on picture for larger view). Photo: Sid Blanch

Cage Lane Mission (1905) Cage Lane renamed to Lakedale Road.
Photo: Alan Gibbs.
The cobbled entrance way on the right of the picture is to the Brewery.
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See story Joan Doling Reminiscences

Lakedale Road, Plumstead (1907). Photo: Alan Gibbs
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Fire Station, Plumstead c.1910 (Click on picture for larger view)
Photo: Alan Gibbs.

Cage Lane Mission with Beasley Brewery gates in the distance (1910).
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Photo: Alan Gibbs.


A Beasley's Brewery dray, just left the brewery, heading down Lakedale Road going past 'Heads' the Greengrocer's.
See Head's Greengrocery Ancestry

Lakedale Road (mid 1950's.) Alley next to R.A.C.S,, on right, was the entranceway to the old horse-drawn tram depot. (Click on photo for larger view)
Photo: Alan Gibbs.

Colin's dad, Frank Weightman, (Back row, left) on duty as a fireman with the crew of the Auxiliary Fire Service and their Tender at junction of Winn's Common, on Lakedale and King's Highway Roads sometime during the second world war.

Photos above and below: Derek Johnson Click on photo for a larger view)

My father was Company officer in the AFS during WWII at Lakedale Rd and also served at Red Lion Lane Shooters Hill. I regret that I am unaware of the other names in the photos but at one time my Ex-father-in-law, Albert Barton, also served with my father.
My father is the officer in the middle front row and the shortest fireman by the 'Green Goddess' which was the nickname we called the fire tender.' - Derek Johnson

Brian Herron states that the fireman in the back row on the right as you look at the photo is his father, George Herron, who lived at 15 Welton Road, Plumstead.

Tramps {icnic,
                          Asencion Hall, 1956
Tramps Supper held in the Ascension Hall on Winn's Common 1958. [Double Eight Youth Club] Photo: Ken Costin
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This group from the Tramps Supper features (boys left to right) Mike Scotting, Harry Parker, Brian Willoughby, Barry Bignell and John Bennett but for the life of me I can’t remember who the girls were……….isn’t that terrible? Photo: Brian Willoughby
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Left is the old “Brewery Tap” Pub. Next to it, on its right, are two houses and then the two shops. Note the R.A.C.S. Department store is in the process of being demolished with its clock tower spire roof removed.
Photo: Alan Gibbs.

Cage Lane Mission, as it is today.
Photo: Bert Hooper.

Anther view of Cage Lane Mission as it is today.
Photo: Bert Hooper.
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Conway and Lakedale Roads junction with Tewson Road in distance (2005).
Photo: Alan Gibbs
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Beasley's Brewery - the old site now long demolished and a new housing development. (2005). Photo: Alan Gibbs

Winn's Common starts here, at the area known as the rock slide,where tiny fossils could be searched for amongst the stones that we used to slide down on, now overgrown (2004). Photo: Alan Gibbs
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Up the back of here were the ‘Monkey Trees’ that generations of ‘Common kids ’climbed and played in amongst their easily reached branches and from up in them you could also look over the tall brick wall into where the St Nicholas Hospital Mortuary building was situated, which was part of the old original ‘Plumstead Workhouse’ building complex.

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