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Plumstead Central School/ Conway Primary School

'....I started at Conway School in 1930. It was certainly advanced for its time. We even started on Algebra among other subjects that were normally reserved for senior schools.
The head teacher in my time was a Mr Allen, known as Daddy Allen. He was a very proud man. He was a Fellow of the Linnean Society, a society concerned with certain species of plants. He used to get letters from a branch in Holland, addressed to 'Dr. Allen', which he would read out proudly at school assembly. School assembly took place every morning and evening and we had to stand to attention and salute as the names of boys of the school were read out who had died in the war (WWI).....' See Sid Blanche's Story

Photo: Spike (Hubert Manwaring-Spencer)
(Click on photo for a much larger view)

'This very early school photograph is a school in Plumstead in the 1890's, but which one I have no idea. (Possibly Conway?)

My grandfather, Arthur Manwaring is in the front row of desks, on your left as you look at it.'

Plumstead Central School c.1930 Photo: Iris Gildon
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Iris Hannaford (now Gildon) is second in from left in back row.

Plumstead Central School c.1930 Photo: Iris Gildon
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Cissi (the girl Iris wrote to in the “Blitz over Plumstead and districts” story) is back row, far left.
Iris next row down, standing forth from left.
Cissi's sister, far left next row down.

Plumstead Central School 1933 - Photo: Iris Gildon
(Click on photo for a larger view)
Iris' brother, Cecil, is first on the left, back row

Iris Hannaford (now Gildon) at 13 years old - ready for one of the school dances in my pink satin dress made by my mother.

Ron Bramble, Conway School photo, 1939. Photo: Ron Bramble

A souvenir of Conway Road School, taken in rather an interesting year, don't you think?

Conway Road School, class X, 1934. Photo: Margaret Forbes.
(Click on photo for a larger view)
The girl with fringe, 2nd row on left, with a cross on front of dress is Peggy Harris from Gunning Street.

Conway Road School, class XI, 1934. Photo: Margaret Forbes.
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Conway Road Infants School 1950 - Photo: Alan Gibbs
(click on photo for a larger view)
See story: Conway Primary School Remembered

Names of pupils in the Conway Road Infants Class 1950 Photo.

Top row, left to right.

2nd boy; Dave Clancy
4th boy, Alan Gibbs
5th Boy, Michael Shaw
6th boy, Albert Burrell (His parents ran the Brewery Tap Pub)
Albert's son Ian writes: Michael Shaw and Albert started on the same day aged 5 and are still close friend (how many can claim that!). Apparently this is a rare photo of them standing together as they were regularly separated in class. Grandad was the manger of the pub but mum & dad ran the pub the way they wanted to and lived in it. Apparently it was a great playground for young boys!

7th boy, Derick Ives
9th boy, Frank Perfitt.
2nd row, from top, left to right
2nd boy, Brian Laurence (I think)
3rd row, from top, left to right.

1st girl, Margaret Ball
3rd boy, Barry Stove
4th boy, Brian Moore
5th boy, Terry Holttum.

Margaret Forbes says: “2nd row from front, 3rd girl on the right, dark hair and cardigan is Joanie Forbes from Bannockburn Road. Joan had a sudden heart attack and died at the age of 46 years, she was my husbands sister.”

My name is Terry Holttum ,although At Wackham college I was known as Tim. I went to Conway Road school and I can remember my first teacher Miss Lloyd, nitty Nora, and the virol Mr Lovett -what an absolute sadist he was, so full of himself, anyway I went to the college and started off in Mr Waites class he was the music teacher not that we learnt much music anyway after a grand failure in that class I went into Mr Evans class and spent the rest of the time at Wackham in this class during this time I went to the Isle of thorns camp twice. I remember Peter Goldsack, Peter Abraham’s, Peter Young Jimmy Cotter, Billy Forbes, Charlie Farmer and Charlie Palmer,  Tom Smith.
None of us had a clue what we were there for but we all seemed to have a good laugh.
I went into the navy after I left and did a couple of trips with Harry Hooper

If you recognise yourself, or someone else, Please email me.

Conway Infants Class, 1949. - Photo:Alan West
See story: Conway Primary School Remembered

Front row (L to R): 1st boy: William (Bill) Heywood; 2nd - Colin Weightman, 6th - Peter Beezer.

Second row from Back (L to R) : 3rd Rodney Balderson?; 4th - John Saunders, 8th Alan West, 12th Conal Condren.

(Do you recognise yourself or a classmate? If so, email me)

Conway Road Primary School Class of “1950” – 1A – Mr Jenkins Class. Photo: Sheila May Lee (nee Jordan)

Top Row: Gordon Jefferies, Jimmy Beaumont, Norman Shelley(?), Jean Bryant, Kathleen Cogger, Valerie Pearcey, John Anderson, Rennie Purvis, Eric Hoskins(?), David Lightfoot

Middle row: Richard Cogger, Roy Hiscocks, Sheila Munro, Sandra McLoughlin, Pat Stapley, Pamela Finch, ??, Sheila Jordan, Brian Bull, Michael Hume, Charles Dibble, Eddie Lancaster

Front row: Marilyn Whale, ??, Lily Hollamby, Pamela Hubbard, Patricia ?, Barbara Singleton, ??, Elizabeth Tasker, Jennifer Brind, Joyce Connelly

Front row on ground: Fred Jury, ???, David Harrington, David Kirk, Craig Octon.

Conway Road Junior Mixed School 1950
Conway Road Footbal team 1950. Photo: Sheila May Lee (nee Jordan)

The 1950 Football Team is a little hazy for me - Mr Latham, Cyril Bull and Mr
Mockeridge in the back of course.
Next row - Norman Shelley, Michael Hume, ??, ??, Brian Disberry
Sitting down row - ??, Alan Mustin, Gordon Jefferies, ??, ??
Can't remember the goalie either.

Michael Hume is 10 in this photo. Read his sad story -“Michael Hume’s Family Story

Finally the more up-to-date one when we had a reunion. (Photo: Sheila May Lee (nee Jordan)

L to R: John Anderson, Sheila Jordan, David Kirk, Brian Disberry (died c.2006) and Sheila Whittal.

1953 Class photo - Conway School. See below for names of the students.
(Click on photo for a larger view)

Tony Bryant writes: In the third row from the front, 3rd from right, is Terry Grimsley. I still see him about once a year and he lives in Seaton, Devon.

(Click on photo for MUCH larger view)

Conway Road school trip to the Isle of Wight taken c.1953. Photo: Janet Fagg (nee Beal).

Tony Bryant writes: I am in the bottom row of the photo wearing glasses (Third from right). I remember going to the Isle of Wight with the school. It was my first escape from my parents and had a great time atthe Lake. I still have the notebook we all had to fill in observations on the holiday. I was wearing glasses until the day I started work. I did not need them after that until I was in my 50's. I am now 67 (2009) and living in Polegate, East Sussex.

The child on the bottom row third from left is, I believe, Howard Offer. He lived in Ancona Road and when we moved to Bloomfield Road School we used to walk together to school. I have always wondered about him and would like to contact him for a reminisce of the old days as we lost contact in the late 1950's.

Sylvia Jeter (nee Beamish) writes:

Here are the names of some of the faces, starting at the back and going left to right:

Back Row, No. 2 & 3 are the Brown Twins, I think one was Margaret, can't remember the name of the other one, but think they lived on Hector Street. No 4 is Rosemary Copeland, then Joan Ball, Margaret Harrison and Keith ?. Don't know who that is on the end.

2nd from back row: Don't know the names of 1 & 2. No 3 is David Collison. No 5 is my brother Barry Beamish, next to him is Derek Hill. 7 & 8 don't know. Then No 9 is Sylvia ?, followed by Pat Bruce. On the end, No 12, is Barbara Thomas.

3rd row from back: No 2 is David Clark. The teachers are Mr Legg and that must be his wife. Then Mr and Mrs Jenkins. Don't recognize the other teacher. Pat Jordan is next to her, then Maureen?, and the girl on the end I recognize, but can't recall her name, I think her last name was Parker.

4th row from the back: Ivy Leath, Claire ? (3) ?, (4) Ann Byrd or Bird (5) me, Sylvia Beamish Jeter (6) Irene Hughes, (7) Sylvia Wells (8) Beatrice Cummings 9 & 10 don't know.

Front Row: No 2 is Godfrey Chinchin, then Trevor Howard. No 6 is Trevor ?, No 8 is Tony Bryant and the two on the end I don't recognize.

Janet Fagg didn't identify herself and I am wondering if she is No 9 on the 4th row from the back.

Conway School - Isle of Wight school camp - Photo: Alan West

The girl on the bottom row third from left is my sister Irene Margaret Ball (known as Margaret), John Singleton is sixth from left. I, John Ball, was born in 1943 and Margaret was two years younger than me. We lived in Chestnut Rise and all my brothers and sisters (there were 6 of us) went to Conway but to different secondary schools.

The girl in the third row 5th from left was Sandra Lee. She lived in a Tobacconist/Sweet Shop in Brewery Road near Earl Rise.

Do you recognise anyone? If so, email me.

Alan West, Conway School (click on photo for a larger view)
Read his story: Memories of childhood

Conway Class - Alan West is second row down from back, two in. Photo: Alan West

Do you recognise anyone else?

Conway Road Junior School class photo, May 1953 Miss Lloyd’s class F. Photo: Jacqueline Wilmot
(Click photo for a larger view)
See story Memories of a Young Plumstead Girl

Top Row: Brian Toy, Stephen Birch, Graham Clarke,Michael Norris, Terry Dawes, Barbara Powell, Marion Haywood, Hillary Cullen, Terry Littlewood, Graham Hooper, Michael Baker.
Middle row: Ray Hindham, Diane Rufus, Jacqueline Alcorn (now Willmott), Ann Paist, Kathleen Combes, Howard Alexander, Rita Reeves, Douglas Green, Serenity Coombes, Raymond lambert, Lenny Dickens, Dennis Stapley.
Front row on chairs: Jose Skoow, Lnorx Huutly (?), Margaret Middleton, Pauline Thompson, Alec Past (?), Malcolm Somers, Julie Lawrence, Jeanette lawrence, Pat Cambell.
Front row on ground: Julian brown, Clifford Mitchell, David Tarun.

Thanks to Julie (nee) Lawrence for the list of names.

Football team Conway Primary School c.1949.
See story That Soccer Game

Mark Weightman is on the right, kneeling.
back row: Mr Lovatt, Mr Cyril Bull, headmaster, Mr Gilder

Conway School Football Cup winners 1950-1951. (Click on photo for a larger size)

Back row: Mr. Jenkins, Mr. Bull (Headmaster), Mr. Mockeridge, Mr. Lovatt

Back row (standing boys): David Lightfoot, Richard Cogger, ?, ?

Row sitting on chairs: ?, Alan Mustin, Norman Shelly, Brian Penfold, ?

Front row: John Warr, ?

Do you recognise anyone else?? If so please email me

Conway School Football Team 1949
See story That Soccer Game

Back row: Headmaster Cyril Bull (Bowtie), Mr Mockeridge

Standing Row: ??, ??, Ronnie MacMinnermin (Goal Keeper), ??, ??, Colin (?) Dean.

Front row: Gordon Jeffries, Colin Lever, Mark Weightman (with ball), ??, ??

Do you recognise anyone else?? If so please email me

Conway School - Roger Herbert (now Harry Layne) Photo: Harry Lane
See story Memories of When We Were Young

Colin Weightman aged 8
Colin Weightman aged about 8

Colin Weightman at school aged 10
(click on photo for larger view)

See story Conway Primary School Remembered

Anne Clarke (born 1944); School photo aged 11, at her last year at Conway Primary School.
See story Anne Clarke Remembers

Conway class photo approx 1955
Conway Road School, approx 1955. Photo: Julie (nee) Lawrence
(Click on photo for a larger view)

Conway Road School, Class 10, approx 1956. Photo: Julie (nee) Lawrence

Conway Primary
                            School 1958
Conway Primary School 1958. Photo: Ivor Dunmall
(Click on photo for a MUCH larger view)

Conway Junior
                            School 1959
Conway Junior School 1959. Photo:Ivor Dunmall
(Click on photo for a MUCH larger view)

Back row (left to right): M. Watts, K. Koney, C. Dow, M. Bedford, J. Farrer, J. Hewitt, R. Paice, D. Maslin, R. Vince.

Next row (left to right): C. Sparrow, J. Farmer, L. Gowers, M. Redman, E. Mundy, L. Colls, M. Sweeting, D. Potter, S. Smith, G. Marchant.

Next row (left to right): L. Burton, D. Dixon, S. Maxim, I. Roberts, Miss Carter (Teacher), S. Guard, A. Minkey, J. Eiles, J. Burnett.

Front row (left to right): G. Stickings, Ivor Dunmall, P. Preckopp, M. Keith, G. Grange, Steve Wilson, Keith Deadman.

Conway Road School 1959
The photo shows Mr. Reeves, taken in 1959. I am in the third row at the right end. Photo: Robert Morris
(Click on photo for a larger view)

Info kindly supplied by Pat Miller
Back Row :
3rd. left : Raymond Collins. 5th. from left: Peter King. 6th. from
left: Tony Whitbread { I think! }
7th. from left: Conrad Sweeting.

Next Row :
1st. : Graham Stroud. 8th. from left: Angela Dawes.

Front Row :
4th. from left: ME (Pat Miller)

                            School Photo 1960
This photo was taken either 1960 or 61. Photo: Robert Morris
(Click on photo for a larger view)
The boy in the back row, far right is Pat Miller.

This would have been my last term at Conway. The teacher was not in this shot but his name was Mr. Mockeridge. I would dearly love to know what happened to all these kids. At Conway Road I was in an early music band but was only allowed to play the triangle. I remember the music teacher, who played Handel's Water Music most of the time, wore horn-rim glasses and had purple hair. When she sneezed she would say “A-jug”! - Robert Morris

Conway Road School Class of 1960 - Photo: Derek Crompton
(Click on photo for a much larger view)

Looking at my school report for 1960 class 1c. I came 31 out of a class of 38. Gone down hill since then. Our head teacher was a Mrs F SKELTON. The form mistress was M.K.A. CARTER. She wrote “Derek has made good progress”. I think that was more out of pity more then fact.

We look a happy load of kids. The wind must have been blowing from the direction of the Beasley Brewery just up and across the road from the school. Or did they bribe us with a half day of?

I'm sitting with my legs crossed (can't do that anymore) front row on the right end (looking at picture).

Notice the speaker on the wall.

Conway Road School 1961 - Class 2JW. Photo: Derek Crompton

(Click on photo for a much larger version)

Back row left to right
Bernard EDWARDS; Peter BEARD; x; x; x; Peter O'NEIL; x; Gorden CHRISTY; x

Middle row left to right
Mary COOK; x; Mark DEADMAN; x; Derek CROMPTON; Derek STEAL; x; x; David VINE; Alan MUNDAY

Front row left to right
x; x; Brian RAINSBURY; x;x; x; Peter MILLS; x; x; x

Can anyone help with the x's?

Conways School 1961 - Class 2JW - report card. Photo: Derek Crompton

(Click on photo for a much larger view)

M.E. WATTS was class mistress. I was 33 out of 38 this year. Can I help it if I'm in a class of super brains. Was it that free milk in those small bottles or those strange reddish tablets? Nether of which did me much good as my London County Council school report shows. What is Science? - Derek.

John Ball aged about 6 or 7 at Conway Road School. Photo: John Ball

Teaching Staff at Conway Road School c.1954-5. Photo: John Ball
(Click on photo for a larger view)

This is a part copy of the intake register when I joined Conway Lane School (Junior). Photo: John Ball
(Click on photo for a HUGE view)

Along with a friend who also went to the school we visited Conway School two years ago. We were made very welcome and were given a tour of the school. The school had changed very little. The outside toilets had gone and there was a small new extension but overall the school had not changed that much. In particular the small narrow cloakrooms were still used for the same purpose and it was very strange standing there taking it in.

Conway School class photo 1954
Conway Lane School class photo c.1954. Photo: Sandra Hilton
Sandra Lee (now Hilton) is back row second from right.

When at Conway to stop us little mites from getting squashed and damaging peoples cars. Some bright spark stuck signs on the paving slabs to warn us of the danger, of crossing the road to school. Needles to say over the time the paths have been dug up and relaid. Also the number of parked cars made it impossible to cross in any case. This appears to be the last semi intact one in Gallosson Road opposite the school keepers house. (see below)

The water company is on the way shortly. So another bit of the past vanishes.

Derek Crompton

Conway Primary School Keepers Cottage (2006) situated in school grounds near Gallosson Road gate entrance. Photo: Alan Gibbs
(Click on photo for a larger view)

Conway Primary School in 2005. Photo: Alan Gibbs
(Click on photo for a larger view)

Conway Primary School (2005) from Bebbington Road. Photo: Alan Gibbs
(Click on photo for a larger view)

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