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Some of these stories are still being edited - if you see any mistakes I would be grateful if you could email me and let me know.

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Some stories from my first combined book 'Common Folk,' vol 1 & vol 2.

(My third book, 'More Common Folk' has many, many more stories that tell about those earlier days of yesteryear.)

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Beware Of The Ghost Of The Christmas Blast! By Albert Hooper.
A comical yet poignant story that recounts the young Bert's Christmas memories of his childhood home life.

The Bowman's Hollow Killer by Albert Hooper.
How a dramatic accidental event literally changed a young boy's perception on life and his faith.

The Plumstead Common Grand Prix by Albert Hooper.
The charming story of a young child's adventures of driving his No. 6 Red Racer.

The Slade Swings by Albert Hooper.
A nostalgic look back to when life was so much simpler to enjoy simple childhood pleasures.

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