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Memory Lane

I was born in Oxford in 1941, I have no memories as such until vague ones living with Grandparents at 44 Smithies Road Abbey Wood.
In June? 1944,  44 Smithies Road was along with others demolished by a Doodlebug. My Grandmother was killed. I was told I was out with my Mother at the time.  We were then moved into 52 Ceres Road in Plumstead. As to schooling I have no memories but I think it might have been the school along the road towards Woolwich. In 1947 we were moved to a prefab in Abbey Wood. For some reason I was sent to Purrett Road School. There I am sure my teacher was a Mrs/Miss Stevenson.
Apples from Canada and having to write in chalk with my toes as I had some problem ( what I know not with my feet)  I know I went by Tram from Abbey Wood to Purrett Road.

I remember as boys will be boys climbing up the tower of the damaged St Nicholas's Church. One day, my Uncle who was only 10 yrs older than me gave me the milk bottles to put out ( sometime between 1944 and 1947) I in turn tripped over the front step of 52. Result was a trip to St Nicks Hospital , the 3 inch scar is still well visible on my elbow. I know we had a shelter in the back garden that was in frequent use as dear old Mr Hitler had no problems following the Thames up to the Arsenal.

One day, after school, instead of the tram, I  got onto one of the brand new London Transport buses, got off on Bostall Common and went down through the woods to Commonwealth Way. Invoking a thrashing from my Mother as she had a thing about dirty old men!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woolwich Ferry was a magnet, I was a latchkey kid and used to catch a tram and spend many a happy hour crossing backwards and forwards on the Ferry.

I remember Cawoods steam Lorries but as to dates no idea. Another pastime was watching the trams changing from overhead to the third buried rail somewhere near the Ferry. Getting off the Tram where at the junction of Plumstead High Street and Wickham Lane to buy I think one pennyworth stale cake or broken biscuit from the Bakers on the corner off High Street and Camrose Street, ? Before school. 

After my Parents split up we moved to Sidcup. My memory of the new school was that LCC education was well in  advance of Kent, so I had to wait a year to allow them to catch up. I then went onto the Local Grammar School

Many years later I became a police officer in Sussex and chatting to a colleague we found that he too went to Purrett Road School and was taught by Mrs/Miss Stevenson. he however is no longer with us and was a year younger than I.

My Grandfather had a 'plot' ( why not an allotment I know not)  where Thamesmead is now and also where the flats are in Commonwealth Way

At 82 disabled memories are my friends.

Edmund Hobby.




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