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St Patrick's School

St Patrick's School, situated near the corner of Griffin and Conway Roads, where the older boys played in the playground up on the roof, where the railings can be seen. (Photo: Bert Hooper c1998)
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Frederick Montigue who attended St Patrick's recalls:

I spent approx. 7 years at St Pat's (it closed during early WW2) probably due to the evacuations, which I had intermittent short stays.
The discipline was sometimes harsh, but effective.
I remember having to walk to Conway Road School for dinners-Ancona Road for carpentry-Winn's Common for football, played on the shingle by the lake,and walking to our swimming lessons at Plumstead Baths.
I recall playing football against all the other schools, especially St Peter's, which was a local derby.
At playtime, we practiced on the playground situated on the top (roof) of the school, which was surrounded by a metal fence.(seen, in part, in the photo)
Our goalkeeper had to be good, otherwise we'd lose our ball (tennis ball) into the gardens below, and be very unpopular!


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