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Plum Lane School

Plum Lane School Photo 1949. Photo: Derek Boswell
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Does anyone know any of these pupils? If so please email Pete

Plum Lane School Photo 1954. Photo: David Butler
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The Teacher is Mr Benjamin (Ben to us) Kearns. I am second row from bottom fourth from the right.

David Butler's school “Mug Shot”, Plum Lane c.1955
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John Ball at Plum Lane School probably age about 11-12. Note the tartan
shirt probably bought for or from School holiday in Scotland. Photo: John Ball

Again at Plum Lane perhaps year or two years later. Note the shirt!
Same one probably and very worn around the collar. Not easy days for a
family of 8. Photo: John Ball

I, John Dedman, went there in 1959, from Eglinton primary School.
My form teacher was Mr Smith.
When I first started there I think the Headmaster, another Mr Smith, was retiring. And Mr Green took over.
I liked the school very much. Friendly boys. Great teachers, And I always came top of the class.
There for two years. Then sent to Bloomfield School. I didn't like that school at all. One of the young teachers was obsessed with vampires. It seemed every time he took our class he would concentrate on "how to kill a vampire:. Us boys weren't frightened by him. We just thought he was a bit barmy.
Then there was the teacher, about to retire, who I believe was a strong Labour Party. Supporter.  "Don't think if you lived in past years you'd be one of the Lords. You would live in poverty". He said.
Well I think us boys all knew that. Because we were living in poverty then.

In Plumstead, in 1961.
I had worn short trousers up 'till then and my mum couldn't afford long trousers to send me to Bloomfield.  But she saved up and bought me a pair of long trousers eventually.
Anyway, I was soon out of the school and away from the bully boys. We moved to the country.

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