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Purrett Road Primary School

Purrett Road c.1900. Photo: Greenwich
                          Heritage Centre
Purrett Road c.1900. Photo: Greenwich Heritage Centre

Childrenís Play at the Purrett Road Primary School. Photo: Barry Gillmore
The class group was leant to me today by Barry Gillmore. He was the year below me.
It is taken at Purrett Road School

From 1946 to 1951 I lived in a Prefab on Winns Common with my parents Bill and May Humphrey, and my brother Mick Humphrey who was five years older than me. For three of those years I attended Purret Road Infant School and here is a photo of my class in 1950.  I am on the left hand end of the middle row wearing a striped cardigan. I went back to see the school some years later and was astonished how small it was, when I was there it appeared enormous. I remember no names in that class but was wondering if anyone recognises themselves, or a parent or even a Grandparent!!  Terry Humphrey (terryhumphrey@hotmail.co.uk)

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