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Oliver Pell Control

My father,  James Apted, was a director of Oliver Pell, while my godfather, Norris Oliver, was its Managing Director.  My father took over as MD when the company was taken over by Thorns. 

I worked there during my school holidays in the 1960s.  I worked on the assembly line making washing machine motors  It was piece work and any slacking meant being shouted at by the foreman and other employees.  I also worked with relays - these were delicate and I remember they were dipped into something by the machine and then I had to put a cover on the relay without touching.  Hours were 7.30 am to 5 pm with half day on Friday, which meant the many women employees could shop etc. for the weekend.  

Oliver Pell employed many women whose families must have come over with Windrush.

At Christmas one of the management would dress up as Father Christmas and the employees brought their children to the factory for a party.  I have a feeling I may have a photo somewhere in the loft!

I do not have a date, but one disgruntled foreman who had been sacked tried to set fire to part of the factory. 

Felicity Cox.




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