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Woolwich Arsenal

The Arsenal in Victorian Times. Photo: Alan Gibbs
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Ammunition Packers and the main Administration Building

Main Gates 1845 and then in the late Victorian era

Middle Gates at lunchtime (c.1940's)

'The ‘Main Gate’ entrance to the Woolwich Arsenal 1960 (from postcard) Photo: Joe Duncan
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Middle gates in 2007 (Click on photos for a much larger view) Photos: Derek Crompton
The disused Woolwich Arsenal Middle Gate used to open straight onto Plumstead Road. There is a post card of workers leaving through this gate. It had been closed off and metal sheets put up to hide and protect the original gates for many a long year. When they came to remove the sheeting to restore the gates they were gone. The building behind is now called Middle Gate House (Council offices). Used to be the storekeeper's house. The Arsenal itself is now a mixed housing and industrial site. Mostly reusing the original buildings

Multi-views of the Arsenal and the Wheelers Shop

Munitions Workers at the Arsenal . Photo taken before 1920. 'A'. being my great-great-grandmother Frances Mary Card and 'B'.Jessie Goodrich, Frances's cousin.
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Munitions worker

My grandfather's brother's wife, Lillie Manwaring, worked in Woolwich Arsenal during the first world war. The armband (below) was the one she wore. I think she was a supervisor or charge woman!

The badge shows a munitions worker. Lillie was very public spirited and a member of the Salvation Army.

Her husband was a police constable in Plumstead, PC Harry Manwaring; they lived in Manor Road, Erith; before that he was in the 3rd Volunteer Battalion, Queen's Own Royal West Kent Regiment, based at Woolwich.'

Thanks to Spike (Hubert Manwaring-Spencer) for this interesting information.


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