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Some of these stories are still being edited - if you see any mistakes I would be grateful if you could email me and let me know.

I would like to see your story in print, would you also?
It doesn't matter how long or short it is, how sad or funny, or whether
you're an amateur writer or a graduate from an online university,
whatever you can recall about those days would be great. I'd love you to
include any photos, if possible.

I will compose your recollections into a story, if you want, so just put them down, along with any date(s) and place names if you can recall them or just put I think it was ... if you are not sure.

(Please include your telephone number, if available)

Email Pete at: prcowley@gmail.com


Some stories from my first combined book 'Common Folk,' vol 1 & vol 2.

(My third book, 'More Common Folk' has many, many more stories that tell about those earlier days of yesteryear.)

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