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Beresford Square

Beresford Square c.1890. Photo: Greenwich Heritage Centre
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Beresford Square around 1900. Photo: Michele Jewell

Beresford Square c.1905. Photo: Greenwich Heritage Centre
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Beresford Square Market and Arsenal Gate in the early days. Photo: Barbara Rosam.
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Barbara Rosam (nee Biddle) writes “My dad, Joe Biddle, whose family had a fish stall in the market in Beresford Square. (See J. Biddle stall in the picture on left, and a close up on the right)There are very few original traders there now. Denise Dearsley is a friend of my cousin Carol. I remember the Carpenters, Dennards, Delieu, Dearsley, Goddard and Edwards who were all well-known traders.”

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Chris Kitchenham adds: At the end of Barbara (nee Biddle) Rosams' story, she mentions the Biddle Fish Stall (which I remember) and the “Carpenters” as some of the few remaning original Traders of Beresford Square. Mr and Mrs Carpenter were our neighbors in High Grove and I had the opportunity to chat with them and introduce them to our son and daughter in law when we were visiting in 2000. That was fun.

Postcard of Woolwich showing Beresford Square
A postcard showing another view of Beresford Square. Photo: Dierdre Tennant
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Tram 1987 on route 46 to City & Southwark, negotiating crowds in Beresford Square. Going through Beresford Square, Woolwich Market, on the one way loop. Beasley's Beer was a local brewery at Plumstead. Photo: Dewi Williams
Visit Dewi's site for more trams and pictures!

Green's End, Woolwich. Photo:Barbara Rosam.
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Market Day, Beresford Square. Photo: Barbara Rosam.
The fish stall sign, “J. Biddle” can just be made out in photo. Barbara Biddle's (now Rosam) granddad owned this stall.
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Woolwich market c.1930 (from postcard). Photo: Joe Duncan
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Beresford Square & Market in modern times (c.1998)

All six photos: Bert Hooper. (Click on any photo for a larger view)

'When I read your little piece about Woolwich Market (see story, 'A Child's Day Out') I really felt as though you'd captured the mood of the place for sure. The buzz of the place, the Cheese Rolls, the hot Walls Pies, fish & chips, hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate, hot Oxo, and even Horlicks.

When I worked at No. 1 Woolwich New Road, at Furlongs, I'd wander through the market eating my lunch, then a quick pint before it was back to the draughting tables. I'm sorry that I did not take any photos of The Covered Market, but that place is in no way similar to the way we remember it, and you'd not like it anyway. This was a place that I went when it rained, as it was just around the corner from work. When the boss was out we'd wander further along Powis Street, and maybe take in a Wimpy ......... or two!

Recollections of Bert Hooper when he returned from abroad to the market after many years away.

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