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Sladedale Road and associated folk

Colin Weightman, aged 11, Sladedale Road.1955. Photo: Colin Weightman
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Colin at Conway Primary School, 1954 ish. Photo: Colin Weightman
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Colin and Ken Dors, his close mate, both aged 8. Ken was born totally deaf. Photo: Colin Weightman

Colin & Ken in Sladedale Road, c.1954. Photo: Colin Weightman
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see story The Other Barrow Boys

John (standing) with Ann, Ken Doors, Colin in the cart. c.1949. Photo: Colin Weightman
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View across from 71 Sladedale Rd. Photo: Colin Weightman
Over the top of Roydene Road is the row of terraced houses of Tormount Road up to the old St. Mark's Church. (long demolished) photo taken around 1958.

Colin and his brothers and sister & nan sitting on the steps of 71 Sladedale Road, Plumstead,1949. Colin's younger sister Ann, sitting on her nan's lap, aged two and Colin, aged five, bottom left, were both born upstairs in the front bedroom. The other girl (cropped) is cousin Sheila. Photo: Colin Weightman

Us kids at the Winn's Common Paddling Pool, 1949. Photo: Colin Weightman
Colin, aged 5, with Brian & Arthur Collins who also lived in Sladedale Rd.
Colin's sister Ann in pushchair, aged 2.

Ann, aged 21/2 back garden, Sladedale Rd. late 1949. Photo: Colin Weightman
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Colin, aged 41/2 & his mum (Maureen) and baby sister Ann, aged 1 1/2 at the seaside. Note the newspaper headlines of Sunday 'The Reynolds News' which reads; “.......Rise In Moscow Berlin Tension Grows.”

Colin, aged six & sister Ann, aged three, at the seaside on the annual Sunday School outing, 1950. Photo: Colin Weightman

Ann with cousin Shiela, back garden,Sladedale Rd. 19554 ish. Photo: Colin Weightman

Ann and her friend and neighbour Francis Beecham outside 71 Sladedale Road c.1956. Photo: Colin Weightman

Ann, holding pet tortoise, with cousin Alan, back garden, Sladedale Rd. 1954 ish.

Mum holding Ann, aged two, back garden, Sladedale Rd. 1949. Photo: Colin Weightman

Yuletide logs, trees badly damaged from a very strong hurricane in mid 1950's. Plumstead Common, in the Hollow next to the Ravine ponds,(in the background of photo). Colin and friend chopping up the fallen limbs for the home fires. Photo: Colin Weightman

Ann in front of uncle Jack's car, Sladedale Rd.1955 ish. Photo: Colin Weightman

Colin, aged five and a half, with younger sister Ann aged two and a half years old, back garden, Sladedale Road, 1949. Photo: Colin Weightman
See story: Memories of a young boy around Christmas time and Anne's Story

Mum (Maureen) and kids, Colin & Ann Weightman on Brighton Beach?, 1951 ish. Photo: Colin Weightman

Mrs. Beecham & Maureen Weightman at the seaside on annual kid's Sunday School outing,1950.Photo: Colin Weightman
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Maureen Weightman, Sladedale Road with Dickins' the corner sweet shop in background, on corner of Goldsmid Street 1954 ish. Photo: Colin Weightman

Colin at 6 months old, evacuated to Bridport in Dorset with elder brothers late 1944. during the V1 & V2 scare. Photo: Colin Weightman

Colin, aged 4, back garden, Sladedale Rd. Plumstead. 1948. Photo: Colin Weightman
See story The Boy and The Country Tramp

Albert (Bert) Hooper, Timbercroft Primary School,1953. Photo: Albert Hooper
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Albert (Bert) Hopper in his little red racer Number 6. Photo: Albert Hooper.

1934 - Mabel Phobe Hooper (Bert's Mum) Photo: Albert Hooper.

1934, Arnold Francis Hooper (Bert's Dad). Photo: Albert Hooper.

David Morrison back garden 75 Sladedale Road, c.1953. Photo David Morrison

David Morrison on front window ledge, 75 Sladedale Road, c.1953. Photo: David Morrison.

David Morrison with mum (Ivy), dad (George), and sister, Anne outside No 75 Sladedale Road 1953. Photo: David Morrison.

David Morrison and Colin Weightman on Colin's Brother Marks motorbike outside 71 Sladedale Road, c.1954. Photo: David Morrison.
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David (professor) Morrison, aged 10, & Charlie Reed, aged 8, Sladedale Rd. c.1954. Photo: Colin Weightman.

View from David Morrison's bedroom window Sladedale Road in the winter of 1963. Photo: David Morrison.

David Morrison's sister Ann's husband Roy's car during the severe winter of 1963, Sladedale Road. Photo: David Morrison.

David Morrison's surprise 'Thank You' 'Rolls Royce' car trip for his mum and dad, who are standing at their door, 75 Sladedale Road. c.1980. Photo: David Morrison.

John, Maureen and Charlie Reed
John, Maureen and Charlie Reed, at back garden door, 72 Sladedale Road. c 1955 ish.

John Reed at Oakmere School
John Reed - Oakmere School photo. Photo: Maureen Dunmall (nee Reed)
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Charlie Reed - Oakmere School Photo. Photo: Maureen Dunmall (nee Reed)
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Mr Reed and his partner Jack G
Mr Henry Charles Reed (known as “Buster”) and his partner Jack Gardiner- they were motor dealers. Photo: Maureen Dunmall (nee Reed)

Ken Dors, aged about five years on his trike in back garden of his grandad's house, 73 Sladedale Road. Plumstead, c.1949, where Ken and his mum Daphnie would stay over the weekends.
Photo: Colin Weightman

Dickins corner shop: Photo: Alan Read

his shop was George Welchs' old Greengrocers shop, situated on the corners of Parkdale and Sladedale Roads. Mr Dickins bought the shop when the Welch family gave up their shop. Mr. Dickins's son, Lennie Dickins, took it over and ran the grocery business from this shop.

Mr Dickins serving in his shop - note the Easter egg display on the counter. Photo: Alan Read

This is where two public air raid shelters were situated, built on the road, approximately up from where the car is parked on the right of photo, in WWII.'

'This is midway up Sladedale Road opposite Goldsmid Road junction where The Dickens (senior) corner shop was situated. Photo: Alan Read
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This is where the mobile anti aircraft gun unit would park up in the middle of the road during air raids and pound away at the German bombers.
Down the road on the left, where the last house can be seen, is the 'ollow. This part of the 'ollow was where a large brick public air raid shelter was situated, with concrete steps leading down to it from the path, at about where the large green bush is. Further down the road, on the left just up from the corner, was where the other double brick built public air raid shelter was situated in the road during WWII.

Sladedale Road midway looking uphill.

Sladedale Road looking downhill towards the flat midway stretch of road. Photo: Alan Gibbs
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Sladedale Road, from Numbers 69 and 71 and upwards, in the middle flat section of Sladedale Road. Photo: Alan Gibbs
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Steps going up from The Ravine to Old Mill Road. Photo: Alan Gibbs
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