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Ancona Road School

The attached photo is at Ancona Road school, in 1946. I am not sure of the date we were only at Ancona for a few months before moving to Bloomfield Rd. Photo: Ken Costin

Seated on the ground, third boy from the right, without a tie is Ken Costin.
Seated on chairs, second from the right is Eddie Brady (Uncle of Sandra Hilton (nee Lee) who sent in this information). He lived in Brewery Rd where his mother run a newsagent shop. Also on the same row but from the left 3rd boy in was called Peter Walters.

(Click on photo for a larger view)
See story Ken Costin's Blast from the Past

Ancona Road Secondary School photo 1946. Photo: Derek Boswell
(Click on photo for a larger view)

Back row from left.

(1) Teacher Jack Harris.
(2) Raymond Howard
(3) Muerig Tasker
(4) Alfie Thompson(lived in Villas Road)
(6) John Disbury
R/H end H.E.V.Gillham (Headmaster)

Front row from left.
(1) Kenneth Higgins
(2) Frank Ward (lived in Piedmont Road)
(3) Terry Pickett(lived inRoydene Road)
(6) Paul Moore
(7) Melvyn Daws(lived in Glyndon Road)
(8) Kenneth Boswell (lived in Ingledew Road)
(10) Francis Howard

After Ancona Road School closed, probably in 1948, Most pupils went to Plum
Lane or to Bloomfield Road. I don't have names for photo but it is possible
to recognise several of those present in the Ancona Road picture.

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