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Earl Rise Primary School


Earl Rishe School 1940
Earl Rise School Class photo c.1949. Photo: Sandra Hilton (nee Lee)
(Click on photo for a larger view)

Sandra is in the second row from the front, second from left.

Lynda Ryan nee Spain at Earl Rise
                            School 1949/50
Class of 1949/50, Earl Rise School. Photo: Lynda (Spain) Ryan.

p.s. I am 2nd row from top, 3rd from left, between
Michael Sherwood and Carol Wilson.

1st Row top: left to right: Joseph (?), Michael Bush,
Patsy Menzies, Maureen Willcox, John Hollingsworth,
Gerald Andress, Jackie Bassett, and teacher Miss
Stenton (?Denton)

Hazel Andress (sister of Gerald in top row) is on the left in the front row.

Earl Rise School class photo c..1952.
                            Photo: Diane Hagan
Earl Rise School c.1952. Photo: Diane Hagan (nee Plater).

I am next to end on left side front row.

Earl Rise circa 1952-53 Infant class. Courtesy of Barbara Bourne. (Click on photoe for a larger view)

Teacher on left Miss Humphries. Headmistress Miss Cooke on right.Some names:
Back row Next to Miss Humphries Rita Loney, 4th from left - David Fryer
Back row 6th from left - Richard Foy
Middle row 3rd from left - John Pool
Middle row 5th from left - Me (Barbara Bourne)
Middle row 6th from left - Michael Leader
Middle row 7th from left - Douglas Borne
Front row on end at left - Michael Turley
Can you recognise yourself? please email me.

Earl Rise Football Team 1952-1953 season. Photo: David Butler
(Click on phot for a MUCH larger view)
David is in the front row, first on the left.

Earl Rise Class of 1953 - Photo: David Butler
(Click on Photo for a MUCH larger view)
David Butler is front row fifth from right.
See story Memories of Childhood

Joan Cooper is in the front row sitting next to a girl in boots. She has ankle socks on and is wearing a tie, 5th from the left.

John Scarrott at Earl Rise c.1955. John is in the second row, fourth from left.

Hazel Scarrott at Earl Rise c. 1958/9. Hazel is in the front row, second from left.

We used to live at 17 Oliver Street - all gone now in the 60's. Regards john Scarrott

Margaret (Nightingale) Kitchens writes:
I went to Earl Rise School in the mid-50s.  I left England in August of 1960, when I moved to New York, USA with my mother and father.

I am second row from the top down, 4th girl in., Margaret Muriel Nightingale, 104 Raglan Road, Plumstead, S.E.18.

I think the third boy in on the very top row is Alan Pie (or maybe Pye), first girl in the same second row as me is Yvonne Muttett, I think the girl next to her is Linda Dumbrill.  Second boy in from the right on the same row is Ian McKenzie.  Front row third girl from the left is Carol Wray.  there is a Barbara Alford in here somewhere, and a Stewart or Stuart, not sure of last name.  also, I think a Lynn Dawson .  i also recall Sylvia Bingham, but I donít think she is in this picture. The faces have now all come back to me, but the names still Iím not positive about.  I also think there is a Hazel, David and a Vivian, again, not sure.

Click on
                        the image for a full size view

Marilyn Downing (nee Wilson) writes:

My family lived in Plumstead (Ann Street) and I went to Earl Rise School until I was 10 when we moved to Welling.

I am the girl 5th from right in the back row - Marilyn Wilson.

I think the little boy 2nd from right back row was called Derek.

The little girl 3rd from right front row seated was called Susan Adams?

Our teacher on the left was Miss Maddison. The head mistress is on the right.

Earl Rise class late 1950s. Photo: Wynne Handley (nee English) See Wynneís story: Woolwich Childhood

I attended Earl Rise school in the late 1950s. On the above photo I am in the second row 4th from right, my cousin is sitting in the front row and is 2nd from the left. I think the photo is about 1955/6. My name at the time was Winnie English. What I do remember very clearly is a young teacher called Mr Earl. I think he must have had a social conscience as he used to take groups of children for outings in his own car. My group went to London zoo it was the first time I had ever been and now nearly fifty years later I still remember it. It was still quite rare to own a car in those days and so a car drive was also a great treat.

Antony Jewell sent the above photo of Earl Rise school in the 60s - with teacher Mr Donnelly's class (I think its 4D).  Click on photo for a very large version.

From memory the students in the photo are:
Top:  / Sharon Mallen / ___ / ___ / Aitmad Samad / Graham? / ___ / ___ / Deborah Nash? / Anon /
Middle: / ___ / Hari Bamrah / ___ / ___ / Maureen McEwan / ___ / ___ / ___ / Keith /
Anthony Jewell (Me) /
Bottom: / ___ / ___ / Paul / Deborah / Paula / ___ / ___ / ___ / ___ / Mark or Martin ? /

I may be wrong with some of the names - if anyone recognises themselves or someone else please email me.

We lived in Armstrong Place in Woolwich which was knocked down in 1959/60 and we moved to the brand new housing estate in Abbey Wood. My cousin and his family lived in Maxey Road until that too was knocked down and they moved to Suffolk. My father and I used to walk through Rockcliffe gardens to visit my motherís grave in Woolwich Cemetery when she died in 1961. Shortly after that we too moved out of the area.

Earl Rise Primary School May 1969

Terry Humphrey writes:  Shoot on a few years and I found myself being sent back quite by chance  to Plumstead as a newly qualified teacher. Here I am with the my first class in 1969. I would love to hear from anyone who remembers me,  or Earl Rise when it was run by Mr Bennett. if your parents or Grandparents went to Earl Rise around then, please show them the photo and if they remember me get in touch. (terryhumphrey@hotmail.co.uk)

Earl Rise School photo. Year??

A later photo of me at Earl Rise school.

Wynne Handley

Bev Connolly (nee Gosling) says in her story: 'The Gosling Family, Plumstead.'

My father Jack and his brothers, Leonard and Arthur, attended Earl Street School ...

My fatherís testimonial from Earl Street School in 1930

My Aunt Lily Lastís testimonial from Earl Street School in 1927. It is hard to read so here is a transcript.

Lily Last has attended this school regularly and punctually for six years and is leaving from Standard CXV11 at the age of 14 years.

She is a girl of very good mental ability and excellent conduct. Her handwork is especially good and she has just been successful in passing the Preliminary Trade Scholarship Exam. I can most strongly recommend her and am sure she will do her best to give satisfaction to her employer
N Pyle, Head Mistress.

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