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Gallions Mount School

Gallions Mount School has been in Purrett Road, although once under a different name (Purrett Road School) since 1887.

Gallions Mount School is a non selective primary school is South east London on the borders of Kent. It is situated near the top of the hill which over looks Gallions Reach across the Thames, thus being called Gallions Mount. When founded it was initially an all girls' school, but since being rebuilt (in 1977) it now accepts girls and boys. (Wikipedia)

Gallions Mount School - 1947 Photo: Alan Putt.
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This is a picture of, I think, Form 3b in 1947. This was the year that one left the school to go on to whatever your eleven-plus results had got you to.

I cannot remember too many names but on the far left front is David Edwards. Behind him is Dorothy Robinson, fifth from the left in the back row is Stewart Manley. I am third from the left in the front row and Roy Catton is immediately behind me. Anyone recognise anyone else??

Photo: Terry Byatt
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This is of the Gallions Mount school play. Taken around 1955 (I think). Sorry I can’t identify anybody other than me (middle of back row above crossed swords) - Terry Byatt

The following is an extract from a story by Jennifer Mellor (nee Batcock) entitled; 'Growing Up In Plumstead During The War Years'.

Once I reached seven years of age I started going to Purrett Road School, now called Gallions Mount. I have a feeling that we either went for just mornings or just afternoons. I can’t remember who the Head teacher was then; whether it was a man or a woman, I haven’t a clue; but I do remember some of the teachers.

One was Mr. Paton, who had his favourites, but I do remember he used to read to us “Tom Sawyer” and “Huckleberry Finn” and made it sound so exciting that it instilled in me a love of books and reading that has lasted all my life, so I am grateful to him for that. Another teacher I remember was a Mrs. Murgatroyd, who was a bit formidable. I particularly remember Miss Stephenson, who was strict, but fair. Gallions Mount School was in those days (I don’t know if it has been rebuilt now) a large Victorian building with big classrooms with very high ceilings, and the floor was staggered with wide shallow steps in rows where the desks stood. The naughty boys always used to sit at the back and if any of them were behaving badly and didn’t take any notice of her first warning, Miss Stephenson would march to the back of the room, drag the offending boy down to the front by his ear, and bash his head against the blackboard. She wouldn’t get away with it now; she would be sued by the parents and probably be dismissed.

In the basement of Gallions Mount School during the War years was a Rescue Centre set up to shelter the people who had been bombed out of their homes. I don’t think it was called a Rescue Centre then, the proper term evades me, but that is what it was. There were lots of mattresses and blankets there, and I believe refreshments could be obtained. I do remember us all taking shelter there when there were air raids. The girls’ playground seemed huge to me then. On one side there was a very high brick wall, and believe it or not, there was a farm the other side. I don’t think there were animals, but there were orchards. The toilets in the playground never failed to freeze up every winter.'

Gallions Mount School class photos 1958-65 wanted

Sue Thynne asks:

I am true Plumstead born and bread. I was born in 1953 and went to school at Gallions Mount Primary School, in Purrett Road.

My partner was also at this school as well, we had a very good 50th reunion, with 12 of our class friends.

We all recognised each other, even after so many years.

We had a few pictures of each other, but we are trying to find a class picture from the time we were there, from 1958 to 1965, but with no avail.

We also have spoken to one of the teachers who came on the school journey with us to Broadstaires in Kent. He took a video of us all, but this was lent to a parent and never returned. We are desperate for some help to locate these pictures and the video.

If anyone can help in locating any photo(s) and or the video, please contact Pete.

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