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Oakmere School

Oakmere School was formerlery the Wickham Lane secondary school for boys

John Reed at Oakmere School
John Reed - Oakmere School photo. Photo: Maureen Dunmall (nee Reed)
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Charlie Reed - Oakmere School Photo. Photo: maureen Dunmall (nee Reed)
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Oakmere School 1966
Taken in the back garden of Oakmere School 1966. Photo: Robert Morris

Top row - Patrick Buckley, Paddy Quinn, Robert Morris
Middle row - William Sargeant, Victor Thornton, Peter Smith, Conrad Sweeting
Bottom row - Alec Carey, Philip Cunningham, Teacher. Mr. Dunham

I was entrusted with taking care of the garden in the 4th and 5th years. You will see some of these guys in earlier pictures and group ones taken at Conway Road.
I also went to Cage Lane Mission on Lakedale Road during my Sunday School years, also the Cub and Scout troop there.

Another school picture taken in my third year at Oakmere. Photo: Robert Morris
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Mr. Warner is the teacher. You will see John Reed 4 kids to the left of Mr. Warner (end of the row). I am in the row behind him, 3 kids in.

Picture taken in 1964/65, my 4th year at Oakmere. Photo: Robert Morris
(Click on photo for a much larger view)

Front row, middle, is Mr. Griffin, who was the headmaster at Oakmere. I remember his squeaky shoes vividly; you would always know when he was coming around! This group is all the sub-prefect and prefects at Oakmere.

The first two rows are all 5th year students. I was a Sub-prefect here (back row, 3rd from right) but became a Prefect in my 5th year. I was entrusted with making sure there were no kids in the school during break times. I was also made the official bell ringer. I was the oldest boy at Oakmere in my 5th year.

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