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Wickham Lane School

Some Wickham Lane photos

Colin Weightman (aged 11 or 12) with two older friends at Wickham Lane School Camp.

Colin Weightman at 11 or 12 - Wickham Lane School Photo

Mark Weightman in his Wickham Lane school blazer and badge c.1951.

Wickham Lane School 1950. Photo:John Miles
(Click on the photo for a MUCH larger view)

Looking at the photo that's me, John Miles, the smart one standing next to Mr Griffin far left , I can remember most of them by name and some a bit of a guess so starting from the back left; Collins. Manning. Lancano. Don't know. Beadle . Childs. Knot. Don't Know.
Next row Mr Griffin, John Miles, Cook, Basil, Gething, Don't Know, Don't Know, Fryer, Bance, And head Master Mr Wale.

Next row down left.Don't know, Don't know, Dumnol, Loft, Pine, Don't know, Pucey?.

Front row left Simons, Don't know, Don't know, Crafton, Don't know, Don't know, Bridges, Boilet, And Stewart,

If you spot yourself (or I've spelt your name wrong) let Pete know and he will add you you to the above list (or correct the spelling).

John Redman, aged five, making a tent at Wickham Lane Primary School in 1945. Photo: John Redman

Wickham Lane School c.1951/52. Photo: Jim Milward.

Sam Dunham was the teacher, on right.

Top row = 7th all from left, his name was Baldock, 8th = Ron Sutton
Second row down = 1st = Eric Foxon, 3rd = John Hipkin, 5th = Bob Golding. The teacher on the end is Sam Dunham.
Third row down = 2nd left = George Painter, 5th = Billy Vaughan, 8th = Derek Rainy.
bottom = Brian Sydee, 2nd = John ?, next me.

When I let school, I went into the Post Office as a telegram boy, until called up in 1954. I went to Cyprus (royal signals) attached to 16th ind para brigade. I was demobilised in 1957. I then went back to the Post Office, after three months got bored, transferred to Cable Ship ‘Monarch’ for three years. At 24 met my wife and went on to have four children, have now got 7 grand children, + 3 great grandchildren, retired 7 years ago, what more can I say? I am in good health (I think).

I remember during the war (half Hilton Street was bombed out) after the war I remember as kids we all knock a hole through the whole of the houses on the other side of the road, (Kids had no fear of houses falling on them).

I remember P C Brandon, you didn't back chat, he would clump you, hard too.

The old grey matter is going now, you maybe able jog my memory.

Regards from Jim Milward.

Left: Alan Swaisland, Right: Eddy Davis, in their Wickham Lane School uniforms. It was on their first day of going to Wickham Lane School. Photo: Alan Swaisland.

They lived at 16 Camrose Street (off Plumstead Corner) and that house was divided into two flats, Alan's family lived downstairs, Eddy's family lived upstairs.

Alan Swaisland in his Wickham Lane School uniform on his first day of going to Wickham Lane School. Photo: Alan Swaisland.
He is pictured outside his home at 16 Camrose Street, Plumstead, in September 1951.

Wickham Lane Secondary School - 1955
My name is Terry Holttum although at Wackham lane secondary modern school (about 1955 to 1959) I was known as Tim. I was in Mr Evans class with Peter Young Peter Abraham’s Charlie Palmer, Charlie Farmer, Jimmy Cotter, Pinkie green Colin Jackson and loads more.
I remember Mr Dunham he ran the school library.  Mr Warr was the History teacher Mr Nought had a massive slipper which he was very fond of using.
Great times, good laughs!
Any one remember the isle of thorns school camp?

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