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An SE18 Child of Days Gone By


'Tis lucky the child that was born here,
amongst the roads of steep terraced vales
all around Plumstead, Woolwich or near,
with parks, Commons, and wooded trails.

'Born in the hills of London's S.E.
strong limbs these environs did make,
with great views for your eyes to feast,
overlooking grand river, the marshes, was great!

Climbing hills daily, too and from school,
mums puffed carrying home the shopping
whilst pushing baby wrapped in its shawl,
stopping to meet neighbours and gossiping.

Lots of wonderful land to play in,
with acres of Common to go and explore,
and plenty of places in between,

the ferries, the market and much, much more.

Children may have been scruffy or poor,
but were rich in their wonderful surroundings,
with happy memories of places explored,
of long warm summers and childhood things.

Colin Weightman.




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