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Beasleys Brewery ... An Ale Tale

My Grandfather was a blacksmith and during the depression found work a bit hard to find. He was pleased to get two days work to do a repair in the brewery.

All employees were given two brass tokens a day which they could exchange for a pint of beer. My grandfather, very hot at his temporary forge, had used his tokens and was indeed very pleased when a brewery worker called down to him,
“ Fancy a pint blacky?”
“ Not 'arf,” replied my grandfather.
Soon after, a copper vessel came slowly down from the vat above, on a long wire, and my grandfather gratefully quenched his thirst.
“ Thanks”, he shouted back to his new friend, “that certainly was a long pint.”
“PINT!” came the reply, “that vessel held a gallon!”

Roger Jewiss

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