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Invitation to Buckingham Palace - The Earnest Kelly Story.

In the 1914-18 war, my grandfather was injured in France and was taken to Brook Hospital. His name was Ernest Kelly.
Among my grandparent's letter , etc. Is a letter from a Mrs Agnes Clarke. Address; Holly House, Plumstead Common, Woolwich.and dated 28th January 1916. Her telephone number was Woolwich 229.

Mrs Clarke wrote and said my grandfather was doing well, And that she saw him regularly as her brother was in the Hospital. I would imagine my grandmother would have been very pleased to have received news of her husband. Woolwich would have been quite a journey in those days. My grandmother treasured this letter.

The two photos are of Ernest (cross above head) whilst at the Brook Hospital.

My Grandfather had a very bad leg injury and had a plate inserted into it. I never saw the scar. It was bad enough for him to be discharged from the Army.

My Grandfather was 28 years of age when the Hospital photo's were taken. In regards to the Invitation to the Palace Mews. I wrote off in 2002 to see if there were any records kept of the incident. My email had been forwarded onto the Assistant Curator Royal Photograph Collection. There are four images of the occasion. These are mounted in one of Queen Mary's Photograph Album... So anyone out there who's great/Grandfather attended the occasion they may find there is a photograph to buy. [Nice to have a letter from Windsor Castle]

Ernest's wife. The photo of Mrs Kelly was originally painted on to silk. (One of the family took it out of its frame and folded it up. When it was opened out again you could see the wear and tear. They cello taped it and took a photograph of it. That is why part of the face is whiter than the rest.)

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The  King & Queen's invitation to Buckingham Palace for Ernest Kelly.

This is Ernests' WWI award certificate.

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A letter written by Agnes Clarke to Mrs Kelly, the wife of Ernest Kelly in 1916

Ernest with his dog, years after the war ended.

Mary Bates nee Coulson (grand-daughter of Ernest Kelly).

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