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The Woolwich Poem

The following poem was written by Roger Jewiss

(formerly of Bostall Lane and Shooters Hill Schools and many Woolwich area football teams)

The pie stall in Beresford Square, The Arsenal, Siemens, Dockyards all

Soldiers in blue shirts everywhere, Bloomfield Road and Shooters Hill,

Ferry boats with engines on view Boys in blazers, ringworm caps

Cuffs and Garretts and Furlongs too. Poly Hall dances, decent chaps.

The Co-op with their 'Divi' cheques Learn to dance in Vincent Road

West Ham Speedway, stock car wrecks Beasley's drays with heavy load

Gardner's and the Scotch Wool shop Charlton Athletic in Division One

Long queues at each tram stop. Saturday morning pictures, always fun.

The 696 and the 698 To the Odeon and Granada people flock

Trolley busses were never late Organ music, not all this rock

Up to town on the tram Strong man performs outside the Sally

Cakes from Hemmings, filled with jam. Wish I could afford a Raleigh.

The Co-op baker, horse and cart Shakespeare, jazz for your pleasure

Always made an early start Greenberg suits, made to measure

Lemonade outside the 'Who-dy' Maybloom, Engineers & the Coop Clubs

Borough Sports Day, Punch and Judy. Lyons teashops and Beasley pubs.

Police patrols, Wolesleys, Humbers Manzes eels, still all alive

Old policemen with low numbers Town Hall dances, mustn't jive

P.C. Brandon, a radio star Ferry boat to North Woolwich Beach

Powis Street and hardly a car. Sidney Ross, toys out of reach.

School football on Bostall gun site Barnard's Theatre in Beresford Street

Jack Offord, teaching us right Auntie's opposite, where we all meet

Day trips out to Danson Park Amongst us the Sally Army pass

Walking home safely in the dark. A seaman home, eats a glass.

Where is the Woolwich that I knew?

The Woolwich in which I grew?

A victim now of developers' taste,

An historic town laid to waste.

Reproduced with the kind permission of Roger Jewiss.

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