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Those old school days

1960-61(?) Timbercroft Primary School class photo. John is standing to the left of the teacher. Photo: John Thompson

I remember being very happy at Timbercroft School.

Embarrassed to say now, my main recollection was being given the cane, along with Paul Waghorn and Adrian Pearson. As I remember, we were only about seven years old at the time. It was done at assembly, in front of the whole school, by Mrs Davies, Headmistress at the time. She announced that it was the first time she had to use the cane in all her years as Headmistress.
It was for spiting on the back of Pat Kinersley's coat whilst walking home. I guess the punishment was correct at the time. In this day and age far worse things happen to seven year olds.

I also remember the whole school playing 'British Bulldog', right across the width of the playground, strange the silly things you remember.

John Thompson

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