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We was brought up proper

Yes we was brought up proper, we was with none of your la-di-dah fads.
With mothers that smoked with us in their wombs and other extremes just as bad.
Some liked a drink and the taste of blue cheese took aspirin or ate lumps of coal
But still we arrived after nine months on time, well most of us; healthy and whole
Then having survived that little trauma our parents did something quite quaint
They put us in a cot Dad had lovingly made and finished in bright lead based paint!
There was no such thing then as ‘childproof’ with caps on bottles or jars
And if you were lucky to have a Dad who could drive, no kids seats or belts in cars.
We rode on our bikes no helmets on heads, no high ‘viz’ jackets for us
And we hitch-hiked too when we had spent our fare, given to us for the bus.
We were out all day on adventures and played games in the street or the park
And the only restriction that was placed upon us; was to be home before it was dark.
We ate biscuits; white bread with real butter drank sugary drinks called ‘pop’
None of us gained the least bit of weight because we ran and we played non-stop.
If one of our mates had a bottle of drink we’d pass it around till it went
None of us died from passing on germs, just a real good time well spent.
The shops didn’t open twenty-four seven, it was usually nine to five
But there was always food indoors for meals and we manage somehow to survive.
If we were short of the readies and our pocket money spent long ago
We’d look for some empty ‘pop’ bottles and off to the shops we would go
Deposit returned we had cash once again for sweets and comics to buy
And swapping was great for when the Beano was read you had the Dandy to try.
We climb trees and fell out scraped legs, broke teeth whilst playing games or sport
And went home to Mum who made it all right without having a case go to court.
Accidents happen its part of life and with only our own selves to blame
No dial a solicitor or accident line to help us make a claim
What would we want with an ‘X’ box, Playstation, Nintendo or Wii?
There were games to be played without a p.c. and we played all day for free
Mum didn’t need a mobile phone she knew where we were and not vexed
There was never a need to to call us up and we certainly never needed to text.
Boys were boys we played footie and rough and tumbled through the years
Girls were girls looked pretty and neat, and only girls it was with pierced ears.
What can I say now that those days have gone and I find myself older and grey?
Am I sorry I never had such a cushy life and technology to show the way?
No I am not what I had was a joyous time and a good life, I wasn’t deprived
In fact if like me you agree with my words Congratulations you SURVIVED

Tom Cooper October 2010

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