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Case 1180
1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 2 December 1887

Application for the Admission of a Girl

1. Give the girls's christian name and surname
2. State her exact age, and give the date and place of her birth
15 Born 26 May 1872 Devonport
3. Is she legitimate?
4. If baptized, state place and date of baptism
Yes, Devonport
5. Are her parents living?
6. If, however, either or both are dead, state of what disease they died and give the date of their death
7. If living, give their exact places of abode, and state how long they have resided there
Mother unknown Father Godfrey Street Woolwich
8. Give the christian names and surnames of her parents (in full) and state their ages.
Mother 36?
Father S about 50
9. What was or is the nature of the father's occupation and the amount of his weekly earnings? Give the name and address of his present or last employer.
Marine [Brig] Arsenal Woolwich as Labourer
10. What was or is the nature of the mother's occupation and the amount of her weekly earnings? Give the name and address of her present or last employer.
11. Have her parents or guardians ever received parish relief? If so, to what extent?
12. Give the names, addresses, ages, occupations and earnings (if any) of all her brothers and sisters
M, 19, Domestic servant, 5/-
E, Godfrey St., 17, nil
L, Godfrey St., 12, Scholar, nil
P, Godfrey St., 10, Scholar, nil
Godfrey St., 7, Scholar, nil
F, Godfrey St., 5, Scholar, nil
A, Godfrey St., 3, none, nil
13. At what address and with whom is the girl now living?
14. Give in full the names, addresses, ages, occupations and earnings of each living relative the child is known to possess either on the father's or mother's side such as grandparents, uncles, aunts, &c.
Great Uncle, J, [?] Lane [?], greengrocer and fishmonger, not known
Great Uncle, W, unknown
15. State whether any of her relatives are in your judgment in a position to maintain her, or to contribute in any degree to her support
16. Has she ever been convicted? Is so, state the nature of her offence and term of imprisonment
17. Has she ever attended day school? If so, where and for how long?
yes, St. Michael's Woolwich about 9 years
18. Has she ever attended Sunday School? Is so, where and for how long?
Yes St. Michael's Woolwich irregularly
19. Has she ever been in the workhouse? If so, for how long and where?
20. Has she any affections of the limbs, joints, skin or eyes which may have the affect of preventing her from entering domestic services?
Has only one arm, congenital defect
21. Is she subject to fits or has she ever had one? If so, state its nature. Is this child subject to incontinence of urine?
no, no
22. Is she at present affected with any infectious or contagious disease, or with scrofula requiring medical treatment?
23. Has she had scarlet fever, or whooping cough or measles, or small pox? If not the latter, has she been vaccinated?
Has had measles & been vaccinated, has had scarlet fever & whooping cough [?]
24. Is her general health good?
Yes, as far as I can ascertain
25. Are her parents, grandparents or next of kin, willing to sign an agreement to commit the girl wholly to the care of the Managers of the Home, to obey the rules in force, and to permit the said girl when fully trained to be sent to any situation in the United Kingdom which may be obtained for her by the Managers?
yes to service in England
I certify that the foregoing questions have been correctly replied to.
Name B
Address S. Michael's Vicarage Woolwich
Incumbent of S.S. Michael & All [?]
Date Dec. 5 1887

This case is urgent. The father is a Pensioner [?] in the Arsenal the wife is living away from him with a young man of about 20. She has been far from respectable before & left him for about 4 months about 16 years ago when he was living at Devonport. The eldest son is unable to bet into the Royal Navy owing to stiffness in the right arm although he was in Greenwich training school. The father is most anxious to get the girl away as she has most undesirable companions & we are trying to get L the little girl away as she is showing symptoms of wildness & is too pretty to escape temptations if left at home. He will gladly pay 10/ quarterly but he says that is all he can do & we knowing his circumstances quite believe that is all as his wife on her last departure left him very much in debt. We are afraid with the girls temptations & high spirits that she will inevitably go wrong if left her long & if she can be learned a trade that can be done with her one arm it would be the training & livelihood for her

15 old
Both parents living
10 Godfrey Street
5 girls
2 boys
no med certificate
This girl has only one arm

Accepted by the Hon Society and free case for Fareham provided the 10/- a [qtr] promised by the father is guaranteed Dec. 4 1887

The Res. B of St. Michael's Vic Woolwich united Dec. 12th /87 I enclose a paper signed by the father which I hope will suffice the 10% a quarter. I will engage that it is paid.

Accept for Fareham as a free case. Memo no letter need be written.

14 Dec. 1887
Rcd. into girls home Fareham

January 1888 [Removed] from the Home by her father WW

Overwritten in red and purple: EAB

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