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Case 224
1. Application to Waifs and Strays' Society 16 April 1883

1. Give the boy's christian name and surname.
2. State his exact age, and give the date and place of his birth.
7. Kampthi, Central [?] India July 8th 1876.
3. Is he legitimate?
4. If baptized, state place and date of baptism.
Yes. H. Trinity, Kampthi
5. Are his parents living?
Father dead.
6. If. however, either or both are dead, state of what disease they died, and give the date of their death
Father - died July 29, 1878. Suddenly [?] of foreign service.
7. If living, give their exact places of abode, and state how long they have resided there.
Mother - at present at Refuge, [?] St. E. one week.
8. Give the christian names and surnames of his parents (in full) and state their ages.
Mother - M., 42
Father - C., 48 at death.
9. What was or is the nature of the father's occupation and the amount of his weekly earnings? Give the name and address of his present or last employer.
[Sacker] - Gunner R/A [?] always in Hospital 1/3 a week after expenses of this.
10. What was or is the nature of the mother's occupation and the amount of her weekly earnings? Give the name and address of her present or last employer.
Ayah- £3-£7 a [?]. Mr. M. [Elen] Road, Brixton, S.W.
11. Have his parents or guardians ever received parish relief? If so, to what extent?
In Woolwich for few months on death of husband
12. Give the names, addresses, ages, occupations and earnings (if any) of all his brothers and sisters
C., [?] College, India (under government), 21, student, [nil]
G., [service] - Mr. H. ([Butcher]) [Hamer Rd.], 16, servant, £9 a year.
E., Mr. L, [?], Kilburn, 13, [?], given her home free.
A., Miss D. has taken [?], 11, “”, [?]
A., [?] [Brenwich], 9, “”, “”13. At what address and with whom is the boy now living?
14. Give in full the names, addresses, ages, occupations and earnings of each living relative the child is known to possess either on the father's or mother's side such as grandparents, uncles, aunts, &c.
Father's sister, H., unknown
15. State whether any of his relatives are in your judgment in a position to maintain him, or to contribute in any degree to his support.
16. Has he ever been convicted? Is so, state the nature of his offence and term of imprisonment.
17. Has he ever attended day school? If so, where and for how long?
18. Has he ever attended Sunday School? Is so, where and for how long?
19. Has he ever been in the workhouse? If so, for how long and where?
Woolwich 1 mo.
20. Has he any affections of the limbs, joints, skin or eyes which may have the affect of preventing him from entering domestic services?
21. Is he subject to fits? or has he ever had one? If so, state its nature. Is this child subject to incontinence of urine?
Subject to fit. 5 mos since last
22. Is he at present affected with any infectious or contagious disease, or with scrofula requiring medical treatment?
23. Has he had scarlet fever, or whooping cough or measles, or small pox? If not the latter, has he been vaccinated?
Whooping cough. measles. Vaccinated since.
24. Is his general health good?
Good, but not strong
25. Are his parents, grandparents or next of kin, willing to sign an agreement to commit the boy wholly to the care of the Managers of the Home, to obey the rules in force, and to permit the said boy when fully trained to be sent to any situation in the United Kingdom, which may be obtained for him by the Managers?
I certify that the foregoing questions have been correctly replied to.
Name - signature
Address - Ch. Ch. [?]
Incumbent of - [?] Curate of [?]
Date - Ap. 16. 1883

St. Clements Road
[?] Notting Hill

Respected Sir

You will see by the accompanying letter that my son G. is not at Kingley Hall. My other son A. 4 months ago joined the training ship Warspite at Woolwich, where he is doing well. my youngest daughter has gone into service at Croydon where she is giving every satisfaction. As my other children are now in situations, & I am quite alone, I would be glad to receive G. home now & to relieve the Society of his maintenance. I bet to offer my grateful thanks to the Society for their great kindness to my boy and regret that I could not subscribe anything towards his support; but it was impossible as I had so many to provide for, since my husband's death. I now work for ladies & as I get a great deal of food given to me, I can well support G. and if he is with me, I am on hopes that the same gentleman, who got A. on board the Warspite will also use his interest for him in getting him some employment suited to his capabilities. Sir I beg to apologize for intruding on your time, but would you kindly inform me where G. is, also when he can be sent to me.

I have the honor to remain
Yours obediently


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