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Family Photos

William Joseph and Louisa Emma Barnes

William Joseph & Louisa Emma Barnes
                            with Mike Lucas' aunt Joyce and cousin
This photo shows my mum's parents William Joseph and Louisa Emma Barnes, with Mum's sister Joyce and cousin Godfrey. Photo: Mike Lucas
(Click on the photo for a larger view)

We conclude from Joyce's likely age in the photo that it was taken c.1935/1936, probably in their back garden at Robert Street.
William Joseph worked at Woolwich Arsenal at the time, in common with so many of the workforce in the area.

Mike Lucas

The Family History of Sue Duty

This is a picture of my Great, Great Grandparents. James Thomas Porter and Victorine Louisa nee Scholefield. They were married in St Nicholas Parish Church, Plumstead on 18th February 1871. James worked at the Woolwich Arsenal as an Iron Founder. Victorine was born in St Clements Ipswich in 1851. Her parents Richard Scholefield and Elizabeth Smith were also married at the same church in 1849. They lived in Plumstead for many years. Addresses I have are Cambridge Place, Coupland St, John St. Richard also worked at the Arsenal as an iron founder.

The other picture are of Victorine as a younger woman. The others are sons William Henry, Arthur with his wife Nel and son Edward and daughter Alice.
Victorine and James Thomas had ten children in total and as I said the men worked at the Arsenal. I think they moved away from Plumstead around 1880, I imagine it was to look for work. In 1891 they came to Rotherham in South Yorks and later died there. William Henry Porter went to Australia in 1929 and died there in 1946.

Victorine's Father and Mother remained in Plumstead. Elizabeth Scholefield died around 1881 and Richard in 1897 at the time of their deaths they were living at 8 Cambridge Place, Plumstead. I have yet to locate where they are buried. Richard and Elizabeth's other children married and raised children in Plumstead. Annie Scholefield married Joseph Nicholson, Martha married Thomas Harding, Elizabeth married Joseph Hughes, James married Elizabeth Patten, Alice married George Bedo and I have been unable to find out any more about daughter Mary Jane. Annie's husband Joseph was born in Barbados, his father was in the merchant navy.

Until I started my research I had never heard of Plumstead. I hope to find out more about the Scholefield's through further research.

If you have any other information regarding any of the above names please email Pete.


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