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Woolwich Secondary School for Boys

otherwise known as Bloomfield School

Panorama of Bloomfield School in 1949 (in three pieces).
(Click on each photo for a MUCH larger view)

Photo: Maureen and Roger Legg, North Vancouver BC Canada

See story Some Teachers by Dave Carpenter

Dad at Bloomfield Road School, 1949
My Dad (George Stone)! (extract from photo above) Photo: Michele Jewel

Woolwich Secondary Boys School, Bloomfield Road, Plumstead.
Photo: John Brown (Click for a larger view)

John is 3rd from the right, in 3rd row, light jacket with badge in left lapel.

John Bown, 70, from Petts Woods, a retired engineer manager for British Petroleum says: "Most of us have now had our 70th birthday it would be nice to hear from anyone in the picture. A few names I can recall, such as George Reed, Derek Winchester, Jacobs, McCormack and Parnell but unfortunately the others are a bit foggy.

The two teachers are Mr Williams, the Head Master and Mr Clark, Form Master.

I personally was caned by both teachers on two occasions; six of the best on the backside and also six on the hands.

I was too scared to tell my parents who didn't find out until it was reported in the annual school report."

If anyone can fill in some of the other names please contact Pete.

A great find!
Laura Elson writes: "I have been going through some of the things my Dad (Terence Elson) collected throughout his life & found 4 school magazines, titled The Lamp.
All are dated after my Dad left Bloomfield (vol 1 No.1 is autumn 1953, then the next 3 up to vol 2 No. 1, autumn 1954.)
Dad was at Bloomfield from 1946 to 1951, when he left to start as an Articled Pupil with Clifford Culpin."


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Bloomfield scool c. 1955 Photo: Anne Clarke
(Click on photo for a much larger view)

Brian Rake is in the front row, third in from the right!

Bloomfield 1st eleven (soccer) – A useful side in 1958
Back row (L to R): Mike Scotting, Tony Matthews, Ken Pearce, Brian Willoughby, Mickey Stock, George Engwell, Andy Marsh.
Front row: Ken Bull, Unknown, Ron Allison, Geoff Osborne, Unknown, I think Pavey, Mick Bonner. Mick was perhaps better known for his prowess on the track as a 100 yards champion. Photo: Brian Willoughby (thanks to Ron Allison for adding Mickey Stock, Ken Bull, himself and Geoff Osbourne to the names)
(Click on photo for a larger view)

School pix of me in 1958 – I was Deputy Head Prefect at Bloomfield. George Sabine (Boxing Champ) was Head Prefect that year.
Photo: Brian Willoughby

Bloomfield School c.1958. Photo: Terry Byatt
(Click on photo for a much larger view)

This was taken around 1958 at Bloomfield. The photograph background is in front of classrooms at the opposite end of the “playground” to that shown in your other published pictures of Bloomfield pupils.

The only identification I can give is as follows:-
Terry Byatt : First boy, second row from top, right side
Maurice Ingram: Second boy, second row from top right side
Trevor Slack: First boy, second row from bottom, left side

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