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Some Teachers

I went to Timbercroft School, then on to Bloomfield School. We had some strange teachers in those days.

The headmaster of Timbercroft, Mr. Huggins commited suicide some time after I left, and the chemistry teacher at Bloomfield, I won't mention his name, but he is pictured in your web site, battered his wife and childred to death with a hammer. they put him in Broadmore, he eventually came out, as a friend of mine saw him in woolwich many years later.

The headmaster was Thomas Smith ('Thos') as he was known. He ruled
with a rod of iron, or should I say cane. It was common to be sent to his
study, where you received six of the best! More serious misdimeaners were
delt with on the stage in front of the assembly. These punishments hardend
you up, but did nothing for the moral of the pupils. Have a close look at
the faces of the boys in the picture of Bloomfield School, you will see
what I mean.

I always thought I would go back and sort out one or two of the
bullying teachers, but during my apprenticeship in the docks where I worked
with real men, I realized what a pathetic lot the bullies were, I even felt
quite sorry for them.

Dave carpenter.

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